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Integrated nutrient management to attain sustainable productivity increases in East African farming systems. Work package "Evaluation of Environmental Indicators" ΕΝ

Cordinator: For Greece  Dr. Karyotis Th.

Research Unit: ΕΘ.Ι.ΑΓ.Ε. - Ι.Χ.Τ.Ε.Λ.

Supervisor: Dr. Karyotis Th.

Project Type: Competitive EU

Research Team: from ΙΧΤΕΛ Dr. Alexioy I., Dr. Kalfoyntzos D.

Start - End: 2001 – 4/2006

Budget Carrier: EU

Participants: Agric. Economics Research Institute (The Netherlands), International Inst. for Environment and Development (U.K.), KARI, ETC-East Africa (Kένυα), SOS SAHEL- Debub University (Ethiopia), Makerere University-Environmental Alert (Uganda).

Budget of Project: 750.000,00 €

Budget ΕΘΙΑΓΕ - ΙΧΤΕΛ: 37.000,00 €

The aim of the project was to enhance the knowledge of Eastern Africa to soil nutrient integrated management while establishing Field Farmers' Schools in the East African countries in collaboration with the FAO and the use of quality soil indicators in territorial East African systems .

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