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Participatory multi-Level EO-assisted tools for Irrigation water management and Agriculture Decision-Support (PLEIADeS) (Contract No: 037095)

Cordinator: Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Instituto de Desarrollo Regional, Spain

Research Unit: ΕΘ.Ι.ΑΓ.Ε. - Ι.Χ.Τ.Ε.Λ.

Supervisor: for ΙΧΤΕΛ Dr. Tsantilas.Χ.

Scientific director of experimental work Greece: Dr. Samaras B.

Project type: SIXTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME, PRIORITY 6 –Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystems

Research Team: Dr. Samaras B. and Dr. Stamatiadis S.

Start - End: 15-9-2006 until 15-9-2009

Funding Actor: EU

Participants: IDR (Spain), Junta Ex (Spain), CSIC (Spain), MADRP (Portugal), AB Caia (Portugal), Ecoman (Portugal), ISA (Portugal), INEA (Italy), UNINA (Italy), Ariespace (Italy), IRD-cesbio (France), UTH (Greece), ΕΘΙΑΓΕ – ΙΧΤΕΛ, IRMCo (Malta), THAEM (Turkey), DEU-SUMER (Turkey), UCAM-FSTM (Morocco), IPROGA (Peru), ITSON (Mexico), UNISON (Mexico), ColPos (Mexico), EMBRAPA (Brazil), USU (USA) και UoIdaho (USA)

Budget Of Project: 903.000,00 €

Budget ΕΘ.Ι.ΑΓ.Ε. - ΙΧΤΕΛ: 49.500,00 €

Program Purpose: Program investigates the efficient use of water in environments where water is scarce. It aims to improve the operation of irrigation projects through relevant measurements , which use new innovative technologies. Includes row rural experiments with representative crops. In Greece will be experimenting in cotton cultivation.

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Some of the main objectives of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization DEMETER is the development or/and support of actions that aim to modernize and develop the agricultural sector of the country, the improvement of the productive procedures, the reinforcement of the competiveness.

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