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Department of Plant Protection ( Patra )


The Division of Plant Protection of Patras initially was established as a Plant Protection Station under the law 2877/19-7-1922 and the Royal decree of the 28th of July 1923. Nowadays it is a Division of the Institute of Industrial and Forage Crops of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization according to the CMD 919/131869/20-10-2014 (FΕΚ Β΄2889).


The objectives of the Division are the study of pathogens and enemies of the economically significant crops of the mainland of Southern Greece and Ionian islands, the creation or/and improvement of methods of pathogens detection and spreading. In parallel it provides services on plant protection issues to individual farmers or/and their associations, and agricultural companies of the primary sector. More specifically the main research objects are:

  1. Study of the epidemiology of endemic viruses and development of controlling methods of their spread.
  2. Identification of new species of entomopathogenic fungi from soils of different agroecosystems of Western Greece.
  3. Study of methods of facing of soil transferrable viruses.
  4. Investigation of the photochemistry of photosynthesis indices in early viral infection and possible applications in the production of immune breeding plant material.


The Division collaborates with the University of Patras, The Technological Education Foundation of Western Greece and the Services of the Region of Western Greece to strengthen and diffusion of the research results through organization and coordination of innovative projects.


Contact Details
Postal Box: 5099
Postal Code: 26004
Phone: +30 2610 421264
FAX: +30 2610 453062
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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