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Plant Production Department


The Plant Production Department is a part of the Industrial and Fodder Crops Institute of ELGO “DEMETER”, and it is a continuity of the Fodder Crops and Pastures Institute (FCPI) which combined with other former Institutes of the National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF) under the laws 188763/10−10−2011 (ΦΕΚ Β΄2284) and 919/131869/20-10-2014 (ΦΕΚ Β΄2889).

The FCPI was established in 1933 and was among the first three agricultural research institutes in Greece. During its long history the FCPI has been known by its excellent cultivars that have been released and the promotion of significant cultivation techniques. In 1986, year of the edition of the first National Catalogue of Plant Varieties, the institute has registered 66 varieties of fodder crops and pulses. In 1989 the FCPI joined the NAGREF.

Research objectives and activities

The Plant Production Dpts’ main role is to design, organize and conduct the breeding and agronomy national research in legumes and industrial crops.

The main activities are:

  • Applied breeding research programs for the development of new varieties in industrial, fodder crops and pulses with stability and high yield production. Currently, the central objective of breeding programs is the development of new varieties with traits suitable to sustainable farming systems. Basic breeding research is conducted in collaboration with other Research Centers.
  • Applied research programs in plant cultivation and innovative farming systems.
  • Seed production: breeder's seed, pre-basic and basic seed of the cultivars developed in the Institute and registered in Hellenic National Catalogue.
  • Maintenance, propagation and description of the genetic material.
  • Advising of stakeholders (agriculturists, farmers, local government officials, local scientific societies etc.) interested in industrial and legume crops.

The Plant Production Dpt. occupies more than 100 ha to conduct field experimentation and seed production with the suitable equipment. The breeding programs are fully supported by the well-equipped lab of Seed Technology which includes: laboratorium seed thresher, seed germination cabinet, seed storage cabinet, seed weighing scales, stereo-scopes adapted to digital camera along with their software, microscopes etc.Physiologicalmeasurementsare also performed using the appropriate scientific instruments.


More than 70 legume cultivars, developed by the institutes’ breeding programs, are registered in the Hellenic National Catalogue. Most of them are commercially available to the farmers and distributed by a network of seed production companies.



Contact Details
Postal Code: 41335
Phone: +30 2410 671290, +30 2410 671300
FAX: +30 2410 671321
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Contact Us


  • Address : 1, Theofrastou str. – P.C 41335 LARISSA
  • Email : gramateia@nagref.gr
  • Tel : 2410 671290, 671300
  • Fax : 2410 671321

Institute of Industrial & Forage Plants

Some of the main objectives of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization DEMETER is the development or/and support of actions that aim to modernize and develop the agricultural sector of the country, the improvement of the productive procedures, the reinforcement of the competiveness.

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